Aluminum formwork systems (Formwork)

Aluminum formwork systems for concreting are probably the most versatile and modern construction systems. Unlike other systems, it is suitable for both low-rise buildings and high-rise buildings.

The aluminum formwork system has been specifically designed to enable rapid construction of many unit projects with optimal efficiency. Aluminum formwork can be used in a wide range of applications, from simple panels to more complicated constructions with bay windows, stairs and air conditioning hoods.

The degree of initial engineering and the inherent simplicity of aluminum formwork allows the use of unskilled manpower. Each element is light enough to be operated by one operator, minimizing the need for heavy lifting equipment.



The formwork is specially designed to enable quick construction on all types of architectural layouts.

  •        The total system creates a complete concrete structure.
  •        Individually designed to meet the project’s requirements.
  •        Unrivaled construction speed.
  •        High quality finish.
  •        Cost-effective for mass production.
  •       Panels can be reused more than 100 times.
  •       Erected using unqualified manpower.
  •       Light weight, easy to use.
  •       Low level of waste.


The simplicity of the aluminum formwork and the repetitive character of the assembly process enabled precise programming of the construction sequences, and thus the cycle times in advance. In addition, it allows unqualified work when working with formwork, thus reducing the burden of qualified workforce when it is scarce.

After leaving the factory, all panels are clearly marked to ensure easy identification on site and can be seamlessly combined using formwork modulation drawings.


System description

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GuangYa Formwork Aluminium

GuangYa Formwork Aluminium